What is MEF?

My YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/moviesexplainedfor) is about explaining movies to the people who weren't the target market for that particular movie. 

It's just me, Jeb, talking smack about the plot, the characters, and the group of people in the video's title. Not that the group of people matters to the explanation much. Each video addresses a group (millennials, adults, men, minimalists... just a few I've chosen so far.) 

But really, no matter who you are or what the movie is, if you want to see your favorite movies explained with a hint of old school sarcasm, these videos are for you.

The acronym MEF - that's just a hilarious coincidence that I realized worked after I named the channel.

I'm looking to grow the MEF channel as well as the brand that could exist with or without YouTube.

YouTube gave me a good scare a few days ago. I suddenly, for reasons I am still unsure about, could not log in.

It was at this moment that I realized, I need to be sure MEF exists around the internet.

Nothing that is meant to last should ever rely on one service!

(I had been told that, but for some reason, you just don't believe it until your one service seems to turn on ya!)

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