Before we begin, let me start by saying…


It is time for the first ever MEF Q&A!


Before we begin, let me also start by saying that if I say any of your names wrong, I apologize and all you gotta do is go down in the comments and say, “Jeb, quit bein’ a dumb-ass, that ain’t how my name is pronounced.” and I will try to get it right the next time.


Let’s do this!


On Twitter, “road to stacks” asks:


How did you get the courage to start a channel?


Well, it ain’t too hard to be courageous when you’ve failed a lot. I’ve said before I’ve gone through about 6 or 7 Youtube channels and… they weren’t good. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could’a happened? I’m gonna fail again?


But I admit the courage has wavered since the beginning of the channel. I remember the first five comments being really nice, and then came the nasties. I remember one that hurt pretty bad. I can’t remember it word for word, but it said something like, “I hope you don’t think you’re gonna get very far with this.’ I don’t know why but there was something about that one that stung for a little while. Because you know, it’s easy to say that to someone with 82 subscribers.


But those types of comments start not to bother you when you’ve heard these kind of comments from people in your real life. When a stranger says it, it doesn’t have the same kind of stank on it. Really the first big hurdle is the people in your real life who when you tell them you want to do something like this, they laugh at you, because they think you’re a joke. And not “haha, i like you funny” but “haha, i think you’re an idiot funny. You know the Good Book says. “A prophet is not received in his own land.” And one time some dumb bit once said, “You’re not nearly as funny as your mama thinks you are.” I can’t wait for that bit to subscribe. I’m gonna make that person a special video. I’m gonna record it with both middle fingers up.


So, if you wanna try it. Be prepared. You’re probably not gonna get attention with the first channel. You’re gonna have to experiment. You’re gonna have to try some things that people would never think would work.


And I admit that the success of this channel for only a year is pretty fucking crazy. People are like, “Why ain’t you got more subscribers?” Well, this is what normal channel growth looks like. It’s easy to look at a channel with millions of subscribers and think it came easy, but trust me, y’all. They all had channels that failed, too. Some of them had a little luck, some of them had some connections, some of them had production companies sign them early. But this growth… I like it. It’s all my own and nobody helped me. Ok, except a few member of my family, but they ain’t the ones on the damn mic, are they? I don’t think so.


And all the people I idolize came from nothing, were told they were nothing, worked their way up from nothing, and then slapped all them hater bits across the face with their success.


I like come from nothing heroes. They always all up in your face with they success.


You know, what else I like? The comments and messages from y’all that say, “I was going through some hard times and your videos got me through it.” Or “Thank you for making my shitty day better.” The few bad comments that I get are worth it when y’all send me those.


Which leads me to the next question…


On Facebook, Indy de Meyer asks:


(God, I hope I got your name right)


How did you come up with the idea for the channel and why was The Godfather the first video?


And Chris on Twitter asked a similar question: What made you want to start the channel? What movie gave you inspiration to try explaining it?


So, after several failed channels, I was in the dumps. I was pretty goddamn down. Even though I joked that mama wanted me to get a job, she didn’t want me to get a “real job” - she wanted me to follow my dreams, like what the fuck is that? I went out to get a job, came back, looked to my right at my mama and the woman was crying. Looked to my left, and I saw my daddy… I didn’t see my daddy, he run off.


But I guess it really started when me and mama watched The Danish Girl, because she’s a little hot for Eddie Redmayne. And mama just was not getting it. And I was, but I couldn’t help but pick. You know sometimes I like to pick a little. I like to picky-poke a little bit at movie. And mama, she was just hysterical. Laughing until she cried. And I was in the kitchen one day, waiting on a Toaster Strudel to pop out of the toaster, and it dawned on me that The Prince of Egypt was not a kids movie. And then I told my mama and she said, “Explain the movie!” And I said, “Who would I explain it for?” And she said, “For whoever it ain’t intended for!” And I said, “What would I call it?” And she said, “Movies Explained For dot dot dot, dummy!”


And I thought of my deadbeat daddy and his drug addictions and I said, “Then I could say, get your dose of MEF!”


Y’all might think this is bullshit, but that’s exactly how it happened! Literally in the span of about 20 minutes, the idea was born. But then oh my god, there was some work to do. See, the idea took years, until it didn’t, and then it came together in a matter of minutes. Which seems easy, but it wasn’t. Coming up with a good idea seems easy in hindsight, but you really don’t know if it’s a good idea until you try it. So, then even though you think you’ve got a good idea, then you have to execute it, and that’s some real shit. So, I sat down with a pen and paper writing every damn thing by hand, which took days and days. Then building up the courage to actually record the sumbitch, then all the technology shit, and then I had to get a little help with some of the recording equipment, and should there be music, and then you have to work out the kinks with all the technology that supposed to make life easier but it doesn’t and then I had to learn how to make a thumbnail and and holy shit….


I think that first video took me about 3 weeks. Then as Brian Arcadia replied to Indy… (God, I hope I got your name right) my second video was The Godfather. And that shit took me another month. I was just grabbing whatever the fuck I had on the shelf. And it took me months before I developed a better plan. But it’s just one of them damn things you can’t plan before you do it. You have to learn how to do, then learn how to make the plan work around what you’ve learned. It’s like some chicken before the egg shit, which in my experience is just how life is.


Now onto some easier questions! God, this is getting too deep.


Martin Ramirez (God, I hope I said your name right) asks on Facebook: What were your previous 6 to 7 channels about?


Gaming. Imagine Jeb doing a parody of Uptown Funk. That did happen. A talk show. There was even one where I pretended to be an old woman. Yes, that did happen.


I might do another gaming channel along with this one once I get my routine well established here.


Adam Weiner on Facebook asks:

Will Mama ever review a movie?


Probably not. She ain’t funny. She’s scary, but she ain’t funny.


Jerry Jacinto, Ja.. Let’s just call him Jerry J. on Facebook asks:


Do you enjoy every movie you explain?


Haha! Hahaha. Ha. Ha. No.


There are quite a few movies I have explained I have not loved or even liked. But I will say that even if I don’t like the thing as a whole, I do find something in every one of them that I appreciate. I try to see it as somebody’s work, and even though I get a little cranky, I know making a movie is a lot harder than making a video about a movie, and that’s pretty damn hard too. So, I appreciate their commitment to creating work I can make fun of.


Which leads me to the next question from babyface on Twitter.


Would you let Marlon Brando smash yo booty cheeks?


No, but I Richard Pryor did. I bet you didn’t know that, did ya?


Sorry, wrong question. I meant this one. Joshua Hays on Facebook said:


What do you look for or go by in deciding which movies to review for us?


Well, it started with what I had on the shelf. Then I wanted to move on to others I really loved, and then I started ruining mine and mama’s favorite movies, because now she can’t watch Dirty Dancing without hearing Baby say, “He must be on the rag.”


Then I started looking into the requests. And now I’m trying to choose based on new movie release dates. Sometimes sequels or remakes. I’m learning to save the best movies for the busier times of the year when more people are on Youtube. It’s a lot of things, but I do have a full scheduled laid out for the rest of the year. Wish me luck!


Jerry Esposito on Facebook asked: What is your favorite beverage to enjoy while watching movies?


Coca-Cola. That’s it. And I like to get a big pack of Twizzler and bite the ends off and use them as a straw.


Oh, lots of people asking this:


Favorite movie, favorite actor, favorite actress.


I have a Top 5 list of movies. Note these are my favorites, not necessarily the movies I think are the “greatest.”


Alright, they are (in no particular order):


Ghostbusters. Yes, it’s one of my favorites. I could watch it any time and especially in the fall around Halloween


The Tender Trap. I love it. I love the setting. I love Frank in it. I love that he has a buddy in it. I love it. I love everything about it.


Since y’all done made me watch it recently and I shamefully had not seen it before… The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I loved it way more than I expected to.


The Lost Boys. (Back when vampires weren’t sparkly bitches.)


Footloose. (I love John Lithgow in that mufucka.)


Ok, maybe let’s go with 10…


Rope - Alfred Hitchcock’s best! (I mean, those scenes go on for fucking ever.)


Ratatouille, which I always watch with my little buddy, Spud. Y’all be meeting him soon. If I do that gaming channel.


Mrs. Doubtfire. Robin Williams, you genius mother fucker. Which was the first movie I started imitating when I was younger and it was the first time I remember seriously making mama laugh. Robin Williams is probably the reason this channel exists, and I miss him dearly.


The Godfather. It was on the shelf for a reason.


Forrest Gump


Ok, this might be more than 10…. House on Haunted Hill, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and because I gotta put on the cap on this… As Good As It Gets


Favorite actor… ohhh, fuck…. Here we go…


Let me talk about this for a little bit. Two of my favorites are Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, but they were character actors, and they were usually playing some version of themselves.


And I love James Dean, but it’s hard to say that he’s one of my favorites because he was only alive long enough to make three movies. And I always figure that if he had made more movies we would’ve started to notice patterns in his acting methods.


But my most favorite is… Marlon Brando. He is, I think, the greatest actor to ever live. And I never realized until recent years just how brilliant he was. And how fuckin’ crazy! I love crazy people, don’t you?


Favorite actress…. Ooooh my god, Jesus Christ…


Elizabeth Taylor. And not just because of her looks, but because I think she was just an incredible fucking human being.


PrinceFerg on Twitter says:


Michael Jackson or Prince?


Michael from Dangerous and backward. Everything through Dangerous, gold. Fucking gold.


Prince, Purple Rain and forward.


Best singer: Michael (Although there’s something special about Prince’s voice, too.)


Best musician: Prince


And I particularly love that Lisa Marie said Michael would wake up in the middle of the night with a song in his head and say, “If I don’t write it down, He’ll give it to Prince.” Meaning God was gifting songs only to Prince and Michael Jackson. Or, at least that’s what Michael thought.


And Prince in return, tried to run Michael over with a limo.


My favorite to watch performing: Prince, because even though they could both dance their asses off, Prince could do it in heels.


Steven Stone on Twitter asks: (I’m pretty sure I got your name right)


What are your thoughts on the depiction of southerners in films about Americans written by non Americans?


They make us look like idiots, but we are sometimes ain’t we? But I have a right to say that because I live in it. But the sad thing is that most of the people that believe what they do about Southerners have never really been here and met any of us. The problem is that people assume all of the idjits are here, but the truth is, you could find the same dumb shit in any rural region of any state in our country. It’s always sad to be judged by your accent, but to quote a movie called A Walk in the Clouds, the Mexican father says, “Just because I talk with an accent doesn’t mean I think with an accent.”


A lesson we could all learn from one another. And I’m thankful to those who don’t click away because “Omg, 15 seconds in and I can’t listen to this idiot!” Well, yo loss, bit.


Alan on Twitter asks:


You’ve expressed your disdain for Marvel films in the past, but are there any massive blockbuster films you do enjoy?


Sometimes. Usually only if I go to the theater. I loved the first Iron Man. Ok, all of them really. I loved Avatar, but that was a long time ago. I even enjoy the Avengers movies if I go, but it’s just that they are like the Super Bowl of superhero movies. You just go, and you get your nachos, and you take your shirt off and let your moobs hang out and say “Wow, it’s great to be an American where mediocrity triumphs. And our movies are so goddamn lame that we have to invent a Popularity category at the Oscars.“


Jonathan Westnille… Westnille? (Hope I said that right… it’s either Westnille or Westnile) on Facebook asks: Does our Jeb master got any Jeblings?


No, I am not married and I have no children. I would like to have some little babies someday, but right now I’m just worried about trying to feed myself.


Ok, and the final question which kind of answers many others:


Faridi Gongora (I hope I said that right) I'm a huge fan of yours. I truly enjoy your work but I notice you don't have much information about yourself. Are you a very private person?


Yes. Ridiculously private. My whole neighborhood thinks I’m a weirdo. One of my neighbors even came up to me one day and told me my whole neighborhood thinks I’m a weirdo. Dumbass bit. I don’t know when it became weird to keep to your damn self. And then I try to get out and talk to people and they act like I’m a fucking weirdo, too. I mean, I don’t say weird shit like, “You got nice calves.” I can just say, “Hi.” and they look at me like I’m fucking crazy. I look pretty normal. I bathe. I’m actually pretty fucking handsome. But they look at me like I’m fucking crazy. I’m an old soul and I don’t believe in making friends on the internet or dating through Tinder. Fuck all that. I like normal human interaction and people think that makes me the weird one. But it make me look at the world like, “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck off, and you’re all fucking crazy, and fuck you in particular.” And that makes me the sanest person in my tiny little town.


But all jokes aside, I’m just not interested in being a “YouTube celebrity.” Their lives are pretty damn hard, and while I don’t know if I would ever be that kind of popular, for now I’m enjoying having this channel in a town of people who can’t pronounce the word “internet,” much less access it. I tell them what I do and they have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, and that’s fine with me. I really just want to be known for the content, and I want people to enjoy that for what it is. I mean, I think it’s good that everybody gets to see me the way they want to for now.


So, I do keep my private information to myself, but I will make this promise to you all. The day I decide to stop making content, not just on this channel, but whatever content I make, whether that’s because I decide to go on with another job, or because the channels are dying and people are slowing getting bored with me, or because I just get tired of it and don’t feel funny anymore, I will make a final video and show you all my face. I promise. And that’s the day everybody will watch again and my career will be revived.


Kinda like how Justin Timberlake holding off on getting back with NSYNC... for when there’s no more sunshine in his pocket.




Thank you all for your lovely questions. This was a lot of fun! Keep watching, and thank you all for your comments, views, and a special thank you to all of the patrons. If you would like to contribute to the channel, please click the link to my Patreon. And be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. And if you haven’t already, subscribe for fuck’s sake.


That concludes the first MEF Q&A. Nobody wanted to know if I wear boxers or briefs? Sad.