Wall of Special Bits


Oh, what's this?

These special folks are the ones who contribute $5 a month or more to my Patreon. All of the views are wonderful, all of the shares are amazing, and I appreciate all fans. But I wanted to recognize these people for going one step further to help the growth of the channel and everything else associated with it, including this website!

Thank you all!

Adam B

Alida B

Alison L

Annemarie S

Ansley C

Breea C

Caro S

Cheri DM

Dan W

David BD

David M

Donie B

Donna G

Emily V

Gabriella C

Grady O


J.R. S

JaCara K-M


Jade H

Jake K

James J

Jennifer M

Jiara S

Jill E

John J

Jon D

Joseph F

Juice 4711

Kara F

Kelly S

LaToya T S

Machelle W

Marvin H

Mary Ann T

Matthew J

Melanie M

Michael H

Nicole C

Oana M


Randall N


Rocio G

Samantha R

Sandy M

Sarah S

Sascha Y

Sheri G

Sophie C

Susan N

Wanda C